Super Techies Page

1. Tool: DNSAadmin

Create the domain DNS with DNSAdmin

Try use one of the templates. Especially for all the autoconfiguration records.

After this the template should be removed from the domain. When a domain is DNSSEC signed a template update will create duplicate SOA records. PowerDNS is updating very thursday the RRSIG keys. That the slave DNS getting this new keys the serial number is updated -> new SOA record.

DNSAdmin does not recognise this and on a template update it thinks the SOA record is missing and creating a new one. Now the zone has two SOA records.

DKIM/DMARC records is at them moment still some manual work.

Will be automated.

More details at the end.


2. Tool PostfixAdmin

Create the email domain with postfixadmin -


3. Tool Froxlor

Create the domain in Froxlor -